VW Volkswagen Settlement Environmental Mitigation Trust

$2.7 Billion

VW Settlement – Environmental Mitigation Trust Available For Alternative Energy Investment


There is money available to municipalities and fleet owners looking to update their older diesel trucks or buses. The recent VW settlement makes $2.7B available as grants to be distributed among the States over the next three years. It is incumbent upon you to request funds from your state trustee via a plan that outlines how you will reduce NOx through implementation of clean, domestic CNG-powered vehicles. Each state’s portion of the VW Settlement is different (based on the number of VW’s sold into each state), so the competition for the funds will be fierce. We’re here to help you get to the front of the line. Please get with your local TruStar Energy Representative for more information on how we can help you obtain funding.

What does this mean to you?

  • $2.7 Billion Available for State Mitigation Efforts

  • Municipalities Eligible For 100% Funding Of New CNG Vehicles

  • Privately Owned Fleets Serving Municipalities Eligible For 100% Funding Of New CNG Vehicles

  • Non-Municipalities Eligible For 25% Funding Of New CNG Vehicles

  • Drayage Fleets Eligible For 50% Funding Of New CNG Vehicles

$2.7 Billion Up For Grabs!

The VW Volkswagen Settlement means municipalities and private companies can obtain 100% of the cost for new CNG vehicles!

VW Volkswagen Settlement Timeline

December 24

Deadline for Spending All Funds

December 24

Deadline for Spending 80% of Allocated Funds and Requesting 100% of Funds

September 20

Deadline for Trustee Approval Request

August 21

Earliest Date for Filing Funding Request

July 22

States Submit Mitigation Plans

July 15

Beneficiaries Formulate and Finalize Initial Spending Plan and Request

April 23

Trustee Publishes List of State Beneficiaries

February 22

States File for Beneficiary Status

December 24

Court Selects Trustee

December 24

Partial VW Trust Agreement Signed

November 24

Parties Submit List Of Potential Trustees

October 25

Partial Settlement Approved