A Passion For CNG

 Who We Are

Since the very beginning in 2009, TruStar Energy understood customers needed options regarding how they fueled their fleets – from the type of CNG station they needed – to the amount of fuel they required – to how the station would be funded. TruStar Energy’s transparent approach to CNG puts the owner at ease by offering realistic options that dovetail perfectly with their business model and their expectations. In short, tell us what your CNG fueling strategy needs to look like and TruStar Energy will work to develop a model that works. No cumbersome contracts, no ‘first right of refusal’ demands to lock you in on subsequent station builds. No excuses.

Whether you want to own and operate your own station, want us to, or simply need us to provide you with long-term fuel access, TruStar Energy is equipped handle your needs.  True Partnership. For a Change. It’s not merely a tagline… it’s how we run our business.

Where We Came From

TruStar Energy is a Fortistar Company. Fortistar, founded in 1974 and headquartered in White Plains, New York is one of the largest managers of Landfill Gas to Energy [LFGtE] in the country with ownership of over 60 projects in the United States and Canada.

Since the very beginning, Fortistar’s focus has been on the environment and ways to convert landfill gas into clean energy to power factories and homes. Currently, Fortistar’s portfolio includes 32 LFGtE projects totaling 175 MegaWatts (MW) in 13 states. In addition, Fortistar owns and manages five Biomass projects in the US and Canada that develop over 130 MW of renewable power.

TruStar Energy was acquired by Fortistar in late 2012, as TruStar Energy’s core competencies helped to bolster Fortistar’s ongoing mission to develop clean power. With the acquisition, TruStar Energy saw the immediate benefits regarding broad-based technological expertise, greater financial strength, and a stronger comprehensive reach to attract larger customers.

Where We’re Going

TruStar Energy, with the help of Fortistar, is continuing to look at CNG fuel as the best domestic fuel to propel America’s transportation fleet. We remain focused on expanding our maintenance and service arm to ensure stations remain online and productive. TruStar Energy aggressively works with our tier one vendors to incorporate the latest technologies into our station designs. We will continue to work for you.