Discover the Sustainability & Environmental Benefits Of CNG Fuel

At TruStar Energy, we care deeply about sustainability and the environment. That’s a driving force behind doing what we do. The bottom line is that Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) provides fleet owners with a domestically sourced fuel that burns dramatically cleaner than diesel or gasoline, represents an abundant viable fuel [with historically stable pricing], and reduces dependence on foreign oil.

Sustainability also means that CNG fuel – and its main component, methane, can be captured at our nation’s landfills, cleaned, and reintroduced into the pipelines – to be used to heat our homes, cook our food, power our vehicles, and provide fuel for America’s power plants. TruStar Energy’s parent, Fortistar is one of the leading energy companies managing landfill gas throughout the US with sights on expanding the use and availability of renewable natural gas.

To learn more, visit our CNG Stations page to see the many options available for your business or organization to make the move to clean, domestic CNG fuel.

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  • 13–21 percent fewer GHG emissions than comparable gasoline and diesel vehicles
  • Medium and heavy duty natural gas engines were the first engines to satisfy U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) demanding 2010 emission standards for nitrogen oxides (NOx).
  • Natural gas primarily consists of methane (around 90 percent), with small amounts of ethane, propane, and other gases. Methane is lighter than air and burns almost completely, creating carbon dioxide and water as byproducts
  • Natural gas rises and disperses quickly, so in the event of a leak or emergency venting, surrounding ecosystems and water systems are not threatened.
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction of 11% With CNG
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction of 84% With RCNG
  • CNG Engines represent a 40% reduction in NOx vs. diesel
  • On average, CNG engines run 10 decibels quieter than their diesel cousins, making for quieter neighborhoods and happier and more attentive drivers.