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TruStar Energy Wins Bid to Build a New CNG Fueling Station for TECO Peoples Gas and the City of Orlando

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(ORLANDO, FL) MAY 28, 2015 – TruStar Energy, the nation’s leading constructor of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling stations, announced today that it has been contracted to build a new TECO People Gas fueling station for the City of Orlando. The station will supply clean CNG to the city’s fleet of refuse trucks and is expected to be in operation by October 2015.

“Through our Green Works initiative, Orlando has become one of the most sustainable Cities in the country and part of that achievement has come from having one of the greenest fleets,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.  “I am proud to work with TECO and TruStar Energy to provide the infrastructure for our new solid waste vehicles that operate on cleaner fuel and further our efforts to create a cleaner, greener Orlando.”

In 2014, the Florida Public Service Commission created a new rate that allows TECO Peoples Gas to design, construct, own, and maintain CNG stations and dispense natural gas to fuel vehicles. Customers do not make any upfront investment, but instead pay for the service through monthly utility billing. TruStar Energy, under contract from TECO Peoples Gas, will handle the construction of the station at the City of Orlando’s fleet maintenance facility with a 46-truck time-fill fueling area.

“TruStar Energy has been a true partner on this project,” said Keith Gruetzmacher, senior manager of alternative fuel vehicle programs for Peoples Gas. “Their experienced and knowledgeable staff has helped us every step of the way to ensure we’ll have a station that meets the City of Orlando’s fueling needs.”

“TECO Peoples Gas and the City of Orlando should be applauded for their efforts to transition the city’s refuse fleet to CNG—a more sustainable replacement fuel with tremendous environmental and cost savings benefits compared to diesel.” said Adam Comora, TruStar Energy President and CEO. “We’re excited about our partnership with TECO Peoples Gas and the City of Orlando and look forward to the completion of this project later this year.”

Fleets that run on CNG have lower exhaust and carbon emissions compared to diesel and gasoline. The average refuse truck uses 10,000 gallons of fuel each year, which is the carbon equivalent of burning 272 barrels of oil. By switching to natural gas, the carbon equivalent is cut to 2 barrels. Plus, natural gas engines have an average of 80 percent to 90 percent lower decibel level than diesel engines, and CNG is up to 50 percent less expensive than gasoline or diesel. CNG is also insulated from price volatility due to international conflicts and events, which in recent years has been responsible for dramatic price fluctuations for gasoline and diesel.

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