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TruStar Energy Awarded Contract to Build and Maintain First CNG Station in Long Beach, CA

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(Long Beach, CA) July 21, 2016 – TruStar Energy, one of the nation’s leading developers of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations, announced today it was awarded the contract to build and maintain the first CNG fueling station for the City of Long Beach, California.

The new CNG station supports the City’s commitment to using cleaner, safer and domestically produced fuels for its vehicles. The City, which is in midst of shifting from liquidified natural gas (LNG) to CNG for its fleets, currently has 24 CNG-fueled vehicles. Over the next six years, the City plans to acquire an additional 307 CNG vehicles.

“Using alternative fuels for our refuse trucks and street sweepers is an important part of the City of Long Beach’s commitment to more environmentally sustainable city services for residents,” said Oliver Cruz, Fuel Operations Program Officer for the City of Long Beach. “Compressed natural gas is cost effective and cleaner than other fuels, and safer than liquefied natural gas.”

The City’s fleet was recognized as the 12th best government fleet in the United States for 2016 by Government Fleet Magazine, and was ranked the No. 1 North American Government Green Fleet in 2008.

The CNG station, which will be located at the City’s Fleet Services lot at 2600 Temple Avenue, is projected to be completed by TruStar Energy in November 2016.

The City awarded the CNG fueling station contract to TruStar Energy because of the company’s aggressive hands-on approach that results in stations being completed on time and on budget. TruStar Energy will also maintain and service the station under a long-term maintenance agreement.

“The City of Long Beach is a true leader in sustainability and in responsible planning of its fleet. By having a CNG station, the City is using domestically produced and abundant fuel that has stable pricing, is safer for drivers and is better for the local environment,” said Adam Comora, President of TruStar Energy. “We’re proud to support the City’s commitment to using sustainable fuels.”

The station will have 100 time-fill posts, three 200 HP Ariel compressors, packaged by ANGI, and a PSB gas dryer. The time-fill system will allow the City to plan more efficiently and to store more fuel in vehicles, keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum.

CNG, which fuels as easily as gas or diesel, is safer, allows for fueling without an attendant, and is more readily available than LNG. LNG, on the other hand, requires an attendant wearing protective equipment when fueling, since its cooled to -260° F, and can cause cryogenic burns to skin when accidental contact occurs.

CNG will be more readily available at the station, since it is delivered by the local gas company pipeline. In contrast, LNG must be delivered in cryogenic tanker trucks, stored in cryogenic tanks and only has a seven day shelf life—adding cost and limiting the fuel supply. In addition, CNG fueled vehicles are less expensive to maintain than both LNG and diesel vehicles.

CNG is insulated from the price volatility of diesel and gas resulting from international conflicts and events, which in recent years have been responsible for dramatic price fluctuations for those fuels. As for the environment, CNG-powered engines are clean and quiet; produce 30 percent less greenhouse gases; and do not need the costly exhaust after-treatment devices and diesel exhaust fluids required for diesel engines. Natural gas engines also have an average of 80 to 90 percent lower noise decibel level than diesel engines.

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