TruStar Energy CNG Stations

TruStar Energy
fields its own highly trained and experienced CNG station construction teams, which dramatically streamlines the process. From initial station design through grand opening, you’ll find TruStar Energy CNG stations to be immaculately designed and delivering the highest level of performance expected by the customer. We don’t cut corners or rely on local contractors – which prevents work delays and miscommunication. We will be happy to provide you with a list of our customers so you can hear it for yourself. No one makes CNG fueling station construction easier than TruStar Energy.

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TruStar Energy’s CNG Station Experts Provide:

  • Dedicated Project Superintendents
  • Dedicated Project Coordinators
  • In House Engineering and drafting
  • In House Trades:
    • Mechanical
    • Civil
    • Electrical
    • Certified Welders
    • In House Manufacturing for project components
    • Commissioning and start up services
Time Fill CNG Stations

Time Fill CNG Fueling Stations

Time-Fill CNG Stations represent the most cost-effective way to migrate to CNG to date. If your fleet returns back to a central location each night, a time-fill station allows your fleet to fuel automatically at night, during off-peak energy hours and without the need for a fuel attendant. Your drivers simply connect the fuel hose to their vehicle following their shift – and the compressors do the rest. When drivers return in the morning, their trucks will be waiting fully fueled. Let ourTruStar Energy engineering staff help you configure a time-fill station that works for your fleet and your location.

Fast Fill CNG Stations

Fast Fill CNG Fueling Stations

If your CNG fueling needs require rapid filling – or if you’re looking for a public fueling option, TruStar Energy’s fast-fill CNG station configurations are what you’re looking for. Let our experienced engineers provide you with a comprehensive solution that works with your fleet’s fueling requirements. This is also a perfect solution for those station owners that want to offer a public fueling option. Turn your fueling station into a revenue-generating asset. Talk to your TruStar Energy sales representative for more information. We do Fast-Fill CNG Stations Your Way!

Compact CNG Fueling Stations

TruStar Energy’s compact CNG fueling systems [CFS] is the most complete modular packaged CNG station available for small to midsize fleet operations. The CFS can be the most economical way to provide CNG to vehicles at your location. The CFS will produce 150 GGE per hour at an inlet pressure of 5 psi via a traditional time-fill arrangement while providing station redundancy with its 3-75 hp compressors. With multiple fueling hose configurations available, the CFS allows you to simultaneously fuel your CNG fleet overnight when energy rates are the lowest. If you’re expanding to a new location, the mobility of the CFS makes it the perfect option – allowing you to move your CNG station with you as you expand. Use the CFS as a bridge while your permanent CNG station is being constructed. Then simply move it to your next location.

Public CNG Fueling Stations

TruStar Energy has the expertise to design and construct high-volume public stations that are aesthetically pleasing and productive – and serve both consumer and commercial vehicles..

Private CNG Stations

Private CNG Fueling Stations

TruStar Energy has designed and constructed well over a hundred private fueling stations for customers who demand dedicated fueling for their fleet.

CNG Fleet Development Program

CNG Fleet Development Program which was created to partner with fleets looking to grow their fleet into CNG with a private, convenient, and affordable fuel solution – without the heavy risk of the take or pay contracts.

  • Recently launched program to partner with fleets looking to pilot and grow into CNG
  • Private, convenient and affordable solution for customers
  • Modular staton design to assist in redeployment of CFS fuel station at additional locations