CNG Savings Calculator

The savings CNG fuel can make to your bottom line can be dramatic. Use the simple CNG Savings Calculator to quickly discover the huge savings you could be experiencing right now. Contact us today and let TruStar Energy show the difference CNG can make to your bottom line!

How Many Vehicles Do You Operate?
30 Vehicles
Average Gallons/Liters Used Per Day Per Vehicle?
40 Gallons / Liters Per Day
Operating Days Per Year Per Vehicle
260 Days Per Year
Diesel/Gasoline Cost Per Gallon/Liter
4 Per Gallon / Liter
CNG Cost Per Gallon
2 Per Gallon / Liter
Incremental Cost Per Vehicle
0 Incremental Cost Per Vehicle
Other Incremental Costs
0 Other Incremental Cost

See the Huge Difference Fuel Choice Makes on Your Bottom Line!

Fuel Choice CNG DIESEL / GAS
Cost Per Gallon/Liter 000 000
Gallon Equivalent Used 000 000
Total Annual Fuel Cost 000 000
CNG Can Save You
Per Year
With Incremental Cost Payback in Just 3.8 Years!