CNG Fuel Supply –
You’ve Got Options

At TruStar Energy, long-term fueling contracts make sense for a lot of fleets – for a lot of reasons. Many of our customers simply don’t want to be in the fueling station business. Their core competencies lie outside the realm of compression equipment and dispensers. By allowing TruStar Energy to provide the station, along with the maintenance and service, they get to focus on what they do best, while treating natural gas fueling as a commodity – much the same as they would their traditional fuels.

Fuel contracting allows the experts at TruStar Energy to lock in longer term pricing [usually to the length of our customer’s contract], which removes any risk of price fluctuation or lack of supply. In short, it removes “fuel anxiety.”

TruStar Energy offers a variety of programs, including those that require little if any capital. Contact your TruStar Energy representative to learn how we can provide CNG fuel for your fleet.

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Fuel Supply Benefits

  • No up front cost
  • No maintenance obligations
  • Customizable to your fleet size
  • Long-term contracts for price certainty
  • Public or private locations
  • RNG