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TruStar Energy, Fortistar Methane Group and Fortistar RNG have officially combined our industry leading expertise and service into one vertically integrated company – OPAL Fuels.

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In 2021, three gold-standard organizations – TruStar Energy, Fortistar Methane Group and Fortistar RNG – came together to create OPAL Fuels, the strongest vertically integrated renewable fuels platform. An emerging leader in the production and distribution of renewable natural gas, we capture harmful methane emissions at the source and recycle the trapped energy into a commercially viable, low-cost alternative to diesel fuel. We are also experts at delivering RNG to fleet customers for a complete end-to-end solution.

We are proud to partner with fleet operators, renewable natural gas producers and others committed to achieving NET-ZERO NOW.

You can continue to count on all of us at OPAL Fuels for the same fantastic service you’ve come to expect as we work to help you lower costs, reduce emissions and achieve Net-Zero Now. Find out how at our OPAL Fuels website.

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Renewable Natural Gas

Why Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable Natural Gas is the only proven, available solution that reduces fuel costs and net emissions for today’s fleet operators.

Reduce your
fuel costs by
up to 60-70%
from diesel

99% -149%
carbon reduction
per vehicle

Renewable Gas at a Glance

Renewable Natural Gas at a Glance

Capture Methane from Landfills Capture Methane from Farms

Methane emissions are captured on-site at landfills and livestock farms before they're released into the atmosphere or are required to be burned off

Clean and Process Emissions

Emissions are cleaned, and repurposed at (on-site) processing facilities

Distribute RNG Fuel

TruStar distributes RNG fuel for Class 8 fleets nationwide

Trucks run on Natural Gas

Over 60,000 Class 8 trucks run on natural gas and travel over 4 billion miles a year

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